We The People are the highest authority known to our system, a Constitutional Republic, in accordance with The Constitution for the United States.
The authority of government lies entirely and irrevocably within The Body of The Whole, “We The People”, the Sovereign’s, who has given the united States and not the States or National Government has given We The People, The Constitution for the United States. Interpretations of The Constitution are not the Supreme Law of The Land but just mere interpretation’s and may not be correct. The final arbiter is We The People through the absolute First Amendment Right of Petition for a Redress of Grievances or through The Declaration of Independence if Grievances are ignored.

Without question there is a rapidly growing divide between We The People and the Three Branches of Federal Government primarily due to the elected and appointed ignoring the Will of We The People as well as dismissing matters considered of great importance. It appears to countless numbers of American citizens that there is an unrestrained propensity to rule rather than exercise principled and selfless America First leadership. There is a great and growing fear among the people that the Constitution no longer applies outside as well as inside Washington D.C. while at the same time the laws of the land are ignored and or dismissed signifying that Un-Constitutional political danger lurks that gravely threatens The Republic, We The People, Family safety and National Security. Is an overthrowing of America from within brewing?

Fact’s. Those many fears are collectively fostered by purposeful political failures such as;

We The People have a person sitting in the White House in a Key seat of Government who refuses to show documentation that he is qualified to do so, all the while it is reported that the Supreme Court of the United States has deliberated on that very issue but reportedly will not release the findings for fear of the damage it will do to the country. That itself is destruction to the country and to say the least is pathetic, certainly not Constitutional Government and with greatly failed oaths of office abounding in the halls of government in countless numbers which is totally unfair to We The People and Un Constitutional.

The United States has also been invaded by 30 million illegal aliens, the immigration laws of the land have been ignored, then unconstitutionally politically reconstituted against the good of all American citizens and at a reported cost to taxpayers of 350 Billion dollars annually. In addition critical unemployment for returning Military Veterans as well as African American’s that is well above the exceptionally high, honest, actual, national unemployment figures that appear to be climbing. Americas school children have suffered educationally in the class room’s and Hospitals have born massive government directed medical support costs with some failing and forced to close. These unconstitutional issues appear to be self-serving, greedy and politically oriented toward vote pandering all at great expense, injury, hardship’s and too often criminal death’s to American citizen tax payer’s. A great unbalanced ethnic citizenry is rapidly growing throughout the Republic as a result of purposely failing to execute the laws and purposely failing Constructional oversight and corrective actions.

The truth regarding the deadly Fast and Furious gun and death issue’s has yet to be revealed to the American people and that alone gives an enormous untrustworthy feeling that American’s own government cannot be relied on to be operated within the laws of the land and total truthfulness by the elected and appointed politician’s. And that is scary to most citizen’s.

Right now American’s are sitting on the edge waiting for honest answer’s to the deadly catastrophe in Benghazi and the loss of four brave patriot’s while those in government leadership position’s have yet to give Congress plus We The People true fact’s and complete report’s of the entire operation from beginning to end. Congress has a responsibility to American Citizen/Taxpayers for the total truth. Congress also has the absolute power of corrective action as warranted as well as giving closure for the heart broken families of those lost in that costly and questionable government adventure that used taxpayer funding. Was that mission appropriately authorized? And by who.

The United States appears to be on the brink of unsustainable economic debt. The economy simply cannot recover unless jobs are made available and common sense warrants that jobs will not be available until taxes are lowered to the point where business and corporation’s can return to the United States, hire, then compete competitively in the global market place. As such not until the economic crises and the job crises are stemmed then turned around will America’s middle class stop rapidly disintegrating. When all crises are combined and if continued, The United States will no longer exist as a Republic under The Constitution. All wealth, freedom’s, personal safety and National Security will be lost. Gone forever.

On top of all issue’s so noted above, America’s elected and appointed politician’s are giving away Billion’s of taxpayer dollars to many foreign countries, some of who are very real potential if not already enemies of American citizens. This makes absolutely no logical sense yet it hasn’t stopped in this far reaching era of wanton economic destruction, unsustainable debt, stealthful unemployment and a rapid demise of America’s Middle Class. All purposeful by many estimations of citizens with great wisdom.

Political pork still continues to be dispensed unabated while the deficit continues to climbs and political travel grows unabated with little or no concern for the tax payers. Government aircraft and commercial air travel are prime examples with no apparent concern by those responsible.

There is much, much more that can be listed regarding the grave concern’s of We The People in this particular time of National economic crises between We The People, the Sovereign’s, and those seated in elected and or appointed, tax paid, sworn office positions. Not a comfortable nor secure situation for We The People’s personal and family safety as well as National Security for the entire United States.

As such, We The People have most recently developed additional and grave concern’s regarding the up-start and rapidly growing political issue of “gun control” First it must be assumed the reported tragedy in Connecticut has not been fully investigated as yet by investigators responsible to especially We The People and not until that is completed should gun control be a topic of undue concern. There is much that must come to light over this reported tragedy plus other’s of the same nature before gun control becomes an issue. It is reported one of Americas mayors has already been assured action will be taken by the end of January, 2013. Why the heightened, hyper political emphasis and action when the full report has not yet been brought to and within The Body of The Whole, “We The People” who are in fact The Highest Authority in accordance with The Constitution, The Original Organic Constitution. Not the Corporation Constitution used within the limits of The District of Columbia.

There was a specific and clear vision for the Second Amendment and that was and is a powerful check and balance by the people against a government that won’t abide by the original organic Constitution and or who comes to believe they can override We The People, The Constitution and The Republic and rule as so pleased. American’s do not and will not knowingly elect rulers. As such with the unstable relation’s between We The People and the elected and appointed within the Three Branches of US Government now is not the time in history to challenge We The People with changes to the existing citizen fire arm laws. We The People are entitled to retain the guns and ammunition now in possession. We The People are entitled to retain the fire power now possessed just in case harsh, tyrannical, angry government self emposed rulers do exist in Washington, D.C. for without that assured protection there would be no check and balance between We The People and the possibility of self-serving, self appointed, political gun control rulers. And a check and balance is needed particularly until key issues mentioned above first come to a reasonable conclusion and with the will of the people foremost in mind.

Notice the Military is not brought into this gun control matter mainly because the taxpayers who pay their salaries for National Security have no quarrel with those who were civilians before voluntarily serving and will also be civilians after serving and therefor feel secure that they are not going to confront mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends and neighbors while serving. They are real American patriots and some quite honestly are feeling used beyond reason especially regarding voting and other issues.

It will certainly be in the best interests of these who ultimately wish to change existing gun laws to drop these hyper oriented actions because We The People have never challenged the politicians with other than votes at the ballot box. It is without question the politician’s who have wounded the Constitution, the Republic and We The People with an entirely different American mindset, during their political careers, who are secretly afraid of guns in the hands of loyal American citizens. American citizen’s, all-everyone, must wake up to the fact that it has been citizen gun ownership that has precluded the demise of the United States of America and has insured freedoms that are unfortunately rapidly fading at the unused Power of a Congress who should instead be using that power and selfless leadership while in sworn office to assure the public the preservation of this once great Republic. However, as that may be, the Constitution allows We The People to keep and bear arms and that shall not be infringed. If there are no self appointed, self serving angry rulers inside government then politicians should have no more concerns than We The People who insist on maintaining sufficient firepower to in fact preserve the Constitution and the Republic. Guns do not commit crimes, people do and people with mental issues will commit crimes with stolen guns, explosives, knives, cars, trucks, bat’s, brick’s, their fists or what ever they get their hand’s on if and when they go unchecked. Frankly it is those who do have concealed carry permits that have precluded more crimes from occurring. Does anyone recall a concealed carry permit person committing a gun crime? American’s who are not criminals and have no mental problems don’t commit crimes with gun’s.

There are enough problems within the United States right now and stirring up unwarranted gun control or confiscation makes little or no common sense. And rest assured stirring up unnecessary and unwarranted gun control will effect electability and or recall action’s where and when possible. Again Congress has the power to correct real crises that have and are effecting the Republic, some of which are noted in the beginning of this paper. But let me just mention another hot button with knowing citizens just to stress reality.

Why the excessive outlay of tax dollars by the federal government of massive buy’s for DHS ammunition, explosives, military type vehicles and reported FEMA detention camps with questionable enforcement equipment. These grave public matters simply equate to a one sided outcome against We The People or a possible One World Government Conquest. “All” American’s must wake up, quickly develop an America First Mindset and band together before stirring up more unwanted destructive trouble’s , or just simply leave the United States of America. Citizen’s without an America First mindset aren’t needed. As an after thought why the training of a DHS or FEMA Army originally reported to become as large as the Active Duty Force? Why? More un warranted, ill founded spending.

The very issues named at the beginning of this paper need timely actions by the elected and appointed before any time is unnecessarily spent on gun control or confiscation. Until then responsible American’s will simply not trust their government and that is confirmed by the extremely low ratings given many elected and appointed politician’s in general who should not by any means of their imaginations take hard working American citizens, the backbone of the Republic, for fools. These Americans know what’s going on in Washington and are not to be sold short. As stated most recently and often “the line in the sand has already been drawn by Countless Loyal and Responsible, Peaceful American’s, Constitutional Sheriff’s and Constitutional Governor’s plus the drive for a positive attitude Common Law that will prevail over the Constitutional Counties and States of a vast majority of the united States”.

As an aside a Dr. Bert Feinstein was my doctor for some time back in the middle 1960’s. We often talked about the military, Viet Nam, Hate Ashbury, his concern about the hippies, the crazy direction America was headed and political attitudes of the times plus his dilemma about purchasing Bing Crosby’s former Roles Royce. He sought my opinion about possibly changing the paint color if I remember correctly from white to maroon. I don’t remember his RR decision but I do remember his comments regarding his wife entrenchment in San Francisco politics. His specific comments could well be applied now. Bert was a remarkable Neurosurgeon, wealthy and a patriotic American who had an exceptional professional grasp for fixing debilitating neurological problems. I saw Parkinson patient’s of his who entered the hospital in wheel chairs walk out of the hospital bouncing rubber ball’s on the floors and off walls. He hospitalized me on two occasions for 30 days each time due to an aircraft crash injury that his professionalism corrected for an additional twenty years of military flying. I have since learned that his wife carried a gun and maybe still does and if so rightfully so. There are nuts out in the streets and guns do protect those licensed who carry them. And on a much bigger scale just as Admiral Yamamoto told the Japanese Imperial Staff before WWII,”do not try to invade the United States because behind every blade of grass will be an American with a gun”. He had attended college in the U. S. and he knew that to be true. It’s also true today and that truth is two fold. American gun ownership is a check and balance against enemies both foreign and domestic. Any domestic enemy that believes the Constitution, We the People or the Republic can be destroyed from within will be defeated by the worlds largest Army. Any foreign enemy who will attempt to invade the United States will be defeated by the same civilian Army along side the Total Military Force.

Congress, slow down and stop to think. Would you want that huge Army of American hunter’s, veteran’s , other patriot’s along side of the US Military defending the Republic from a foreign or domestic enemy with civilian guns and pistols greatly restricted in fire power? That would make no sense. Therefore We The People must keep the guns now owned to keep America free – – – just in case. It is the right check and balance required to preserve The Republic and the freedoms our fore fathers and mothers bequeathed to all future generations. The Second Amendment guarantees that right.

Congress you have the Power to fix America’s existing crises problem’s. Do it. We The People have the ready reserve civilian Power to fix any foreign or domestic enemy problem’s. We The Gun Owners always stand ready and at no expense to a Government in debilitating debt. The gun’s, all of them, now owned by We The People are not America’s problem. They are the peaceful solution to potential foreign or domestic enemies.

America will remain free by We The People and with a United States Congress who has the Power for raising all revenue, for appropriating all money, to make all laws with all legislative powers granted in the Constitution plus the power to insure all the laws are faithfully executed and also be it known interpretations of the Constitution are not Supreme Law of The Land and in the end Congress has the power to Correct all Judicial decisions. Congress must have the selfless leadership, above partisan political party, who can and will insure the entire United States Government functions as We The People’s forefathers and mothers gave the united States a Constitution to get it done while at the same time recognizing the final arbiter’s are We The People who say, Congress exercise your Constitutional Powers without fail. At the same time rightfully recognize existing gun laws are adequate and safe if Congress will fulfill it’s sworn duties and responsibilities.

By an 81 year old American Citizen who wore a military uniform to work daily for 30 years and based on numerous discussions with America First citizens throughout several States of The United States of America believe the contents to be honest and worthy of many additional if or when necessary.
Charles Jones, B/Gen., USAF (RET)

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